at Omnicom Group

Omnicom has always strived to be a great place for people to work. Since our formation, it’s been a priority to attract, retain and develop the best talent in the industry – it’s the dedication, intelligence, curiosity, and creative passion of our people that sets us apart from the competition.

Explore Opportunities Across the Group

By encouraging talent to build their career within Omnicom and helping them find opportunities within the Omnicom network of companies, we continue to be a home for diverse, motivated, and well-rounded talent. 

Employees can and should seek out opportunities at other Omnicom companies when they are ready for their next opportunity.  Doing this encourages the cross pollination of ideas and talent. It also keeps good people with Omnicom and attracts new talent who are excited by the idea of limitless opportunity for growth, learning and advancement.

To promote mobility between Omnicom companies, and to ensure that the process is guided by the employee, all Omnicom agencies are committing to a set of guiding principles for how internal mobility will be managed:   

An employee may explore an opportunity at another Omnicom company without being required to inform their current agency/manager, although they are encouraged to do so. 

Omnicom companies should not solicit employees of other Omnicom companies but can and should engage in conversation with an employee who reaches out to them. 

The process, including interviews, reference checks, and offers, for an internal candidate will be managed in the same manner as for external candidates.

The hiring agency agrees to an extended transition period for internal candidates.   

Employees who raise their hand to be considered for a different opportunity within Omnicom will be supported and will not  be subject to any “retribution” or pressure from their current agency. The process will be confidential when desired by the employee.

Employees who choose to remain with an Omnicom company will maintain their seniority so that they have no interruption to health insurance or benefits, same level of vacation, parental leave and disability benefits, and continued vesting of 401K/profit sharing/restricted stock.

To make the process more user friendly for employees, Omnicom has created this website that allows employees to learn about other Omnicom agencies and points employees to open jobs at other Omnicom companies. Eventually, the website will house an Omnicom-wide job board.

In addition, each network/practice area will employ Career Advocates to assist employees both in finding jobs with other Omnicom agencies and to work with the other Career Advocates to publicize open positions with their network/practice agency. The Career Advocates will also work with Omnicom to ensure that employees are supported when seeking other opportunities.